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Ready To Build A
Successful Mentoring Program?

50-Step Mentoring Program

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What do AT&T, General Motors, DuPont and Federal Express all have in common?

They are all using mentoring programs to develop employee career enhancing skills and to leverage the knowledge and experience of their senior executives. In addition, leading companies are using mentoring programs to develop future leaders and to retain their SuperStars. Our coaching systems will show you the important steps for creating a mentoring program. Your people and their continued development are your company's greatest assets.

Why do mentoring programs work?
Mentoring programs will support the organizational mission of your team and will make a strong statement about the values within your company. In addition, a mentoring program will help to rejuvenate long term employees as they see and watch the growth of their mentees. Since 1992 DuPont has created mentoring relationships for 6,000 of the company’s 60,000 employees. Based on their experience, listed below are some of the reasons why mentoring programs work:

  • Mentoring programs will help attract and retain SuperStars.
  • Mentoring provides targeted, individualized training and coaching.
  • Mentoring requires mentees to be responsible for their own development.
  • Mentoring provides timely information for a mentee.
  • Mentoring can help with diversity efforts.
  • Mentoring is time-efficient.
  • Mentoring will set your company apart from your competitors.
  • Mentoring helps develop future leaders.
  • Mentoring allows creative ideas to flourish.

As a leader, creating a mentoring program for your company will have both tangible and intangible benefits. In addition, launching a new program of any kind takes confidence and courage. Ready to take the next step?

“Train-The-Mentor” Program
An Outline Of 50 Skills/Steps

Phase I:

Ten 60-minute TeleForums with up to 25 participants

Call #1: Preparation Required “Before” A Mentor/Mentee Meeting.
Calls #2-9: Skills/Techniques Used/Required “During” A Mentor/Mentee Meeting
Call #10: Action Steps/Follow-Through Required “After” A Mentor/Mentee Meeting

Phase II:

Once we have completed these 50 important skills, steps, and techniques we will schedule an additional series of six TeleForums over the next six months. We will meet together with your company's mentors to insure the quality of their skills, communication and procedures are in place.

If you would like to see a listing of the 50 skills/steps for successful mentoring, please complete the Mentoring Program Form above.


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