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Smart Money: The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business (an excerpt): January 2004
In the article “Just Rewards--Expert advice on how to negotiate...", Your job doesn't directly affect your firm's profits? Note your indirect impact. "If you're in human resources, show how you designed and implemented incentive programs that motivated the sales force to work harder," says Judy Feld, an executive and career coach in Dallas.

The Financial Times (an excerpt): August 28, 2000
Ernest F. Oriente, a career coach based in Park City, Utah, says it's important to know when "to get formal and put things in writing"...with a difficult employee.

Working Woman (an excerpt): August 2000
Judy F. Feld, an executive and professional coach in Dallas, gets about 250 E-mail messages daily and sorts them into categories, organizing them with filters and labels. (an excerpt): July 19, 2000
Once your opening position is on the table and the give-and-take begins, use this phrase: "What would it take to have you ________________?"

California Real Estate Magazine (an excerpt): July 2000
Oriente works with his clients to master five principles, beginning with delivering what he calls "positively outrageous service." ...From there, he asks clients to focus on "genius work": he helps them identify their strengths, maximize these skills and relegate the other aspects of the job to an assistant or support team." (an excerpt): April 5, 2000
"If self-employment still sounds appealing....master your business skills before you can realistically consider working for yourself, according to Judy F. Feld, a business and professional coach in Dallas." (an excerpt): April 4, 2000
Is telephone coaching catching on? Judy F. Feld is one coach who prefers to work in the virtual world "... because it takes less time--a minute after the call they're (my clients) back to doing their work--it's cost-effective for them."

Special Report On TeleForums (BPA): April 2000
Ernest F. Oriente, says "Using a telephone conference call, companies can offer training to off-site employees more often and in a more timely fashion."

Fast Company (an excerpt): March 2000
CyberCoach Feld says, "E-mail helps us move the advice-giving process so much faster. Using E-mail, I've been able to review (with my clients) resumes, cover letters, even outlines of talking points for an interview."

Working Woman (an excerpt): February 2000
If the thrill is gone, maybe you're riding through life a little too easily.... If you're intimidated, "ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen," suggests Dallas business coach Judy F. Feld...because "Ninety-five percent of the time it's something you can deal with."

An Interview At The Microsoft Website (an excerpt): August 1999
"Building an effortless marketing engine is another important coaching area for my clients." says Oriente.

TechRepublic (an excerpt): July 27, 1999
Judy F. Feld and Ernest F. Oriente created "Coaching Success TeleForums", which really fill the bill for companies that have the need to stay connected to more than one person."

TechRepublic (an excerpt): July 22, 1999
"Have you ever wanted to bounce your ideas and thoughts off a person whose sole purpose is to help you professionally and personally? CIOs consult Feld for advice on organizational change, success strategies, strategic planning, leadership and decision-making skills."

Self-Employed America (an excerpt): January/February1999
"Training yourself and your employees can be less expensive, faster and easier than you may think. Internet resources, TeleForums and business coaches offer an innovative twists on training. Even tried-and-true training methods have taken on creative spins that make learning new skills a snap," says Oriente.

Jane Applegate, a columnist for 60 newspapers (an excerpt): November 16, 1998
"Conducted entirely through virtual communication, Oriente helps individuals and organizations balance their professional ambitions with their personal goals...."With a few dollars invested in technology, you can live, work and play anywhere in the world you want."

Fortune (an excerpt): September 1998
Sue Moore says of her work with Judy F. Feld, "I needed the discipline of someone being with me every week, making sure I stuck to my goals."

Pacific BellWork at Home (an excerpt): Summer 1998
Ernest F. Oriente's coaches clients to use newsletters to drive traffic to their websites. This builds "virtual trust", referrals, and E-mail subscribers often convert to paying clients.

Self-Employed America (an excerpt): March/April 1998
Ernest Oriente, an NASE Member and a professional business coach suggests, "Business owners who don't embrace technology won't be business owners for very long."

New York Times (an excerpt), March 1, 1998
"I advise my clients," Ernest F. Oriente said. "Get with your CPA, be very conservative, but if you can take a deduction, you should."

Reeves Journal (an excerpt): March 1998
"During a 60-minute TeleForum, you can share new sales and marketing ideas, receive advice from experts, discuss specific vendors, reinforce industry successes, exchange resources, hold a question-and-answer period, and support each other, " according to Oriente and Feld.

Selling Magazine (an excerpt): March 1997
Oriente says, about promotional items, "Your customers will be impressed, not by what you've spent, but by the fact that you've made the effort to show you care about their business."

Selling Magazine (an excerpt): January 1997
Ernest F. Oriente, professional business coach recommends that salespeople use what he calls the Four D's when dealing with paperwork: 1. Do it 2. Delegate it 3. Decide it or 4. Dump it.

Electronic Retailing (an excerpt) November/December 1996
Oriente says, "Fax broadcast is an incredibly efficient way to run a business, and is a lot cheaper than postal mail or relying on a sales force."

LA Times (an excerpt): May 20, 1996
When looking for a coach, the most important factors are to "find a fit, trust your instincts, check that the coach has knowledge about your niche or industry and ask for credentials," said business coach, Ernest F. Oriente.

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