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Group coaching is done by teleconference, and most coaching groups meet twice a month, for 60 minutes per call. Each group generally includes 15-25 participants. Group coaching is comprised of two types of participants:

  • The first is for employees within the same company who are geographically dispersed.
  • The second type is comprised of individuals within a similar/related profession, but are not in competition with each other based on geography.

A person in either type of group coaching can easily participate by placing a direct call into a central teleconference number from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional operator-assisted conference calls.

Here is a small sample of some of the 100+ areas that can be covered in group coaching:

  • Strategic Industry/Major Employer News
  • Valuable Coaching On Leadership And Technology
  • New Sales/Marketing Tools
  • Powerful Resources And Networking

Here are four significant reasons why group coaching works for companies, organizations, and related professionals:

  1. When working as a coaching group, participants can rapidly share their individual/team best practices, for mutual benefit. As a result, great ideas are quickly integrated and distributed world-wide.
  2. When working as a coaching group, participants can manage change quickly and respond without delay. As a result, change happens more smoothly and with less chaos.
  3. When working as a coaching group, company and organizational initiatives are reached more easily. As a result, the bottom line is positively impacted.
  4. When working as a coaching group, 100-200 years of combined wisdom from the participants accelerate the transfer of knowledge. As a result, each participant and their company reach their goals faster.

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