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  1. TeleForums are easy and cost-effective.
  2. TeleForums can often replace in-person meetings. In fact, 40 percent of corporate travel managers use teleconferencing as an affordable alternative to in-person meetings.
  3. TeleForums produce big savings. According to MCI, a four-person face-to-face meeting costs $5,200 (which includes airfare, meals, hotel bills and lost productivity/sales time); a video conference costs $1,700 and a teleconference call costs $700.
  4. It's easy to attract internal and external expert presenters. This means expert presenters can make a teleconference presentation from anywhere in the world, finish their presentation, hang up and go back to their very busy days.
  5. More cost savings: When TeleForums are combined with web-based training we can eliminate the costs of producing and shipping training materials. Plus, there’s a quicker turnaround when the curriculum changes.
  6. A case study: Budget Car Rental trained 667 new counter staff at a cost of $2,000 per person. This included travel and expense, but not their lost wages. When they switched to a combination of teleconference calls and web-based training, the costs are $156 per student. Plus, they are now able to train a much higher percentage of new counter staff who previously were not able to travel due to family commitments or other personal constraints.
  7. A case study: Remote training saved Siemens $2,000 per employee per week. This applied to 1,000 field employees scattered across 50 divisional locations. Previously, employees spent two weeks per year in face-to-face training classes. The company has since developed the Siemens Virtual University, a new way to deliver training to remote employees over their corporate Intranet and the students tested better because they had time to learn between training sessions.
  8. Some research: Is distance learning really as effective as face-to-face instruction? Dr. Thomas Russell, author of "The No Significant Difference Phenomenon", has compared more than 300 studies on the effectiveness of all types of distance systems. Russell concluded that there is no significant difference in learning outcomes when comparing face-to-face with distance learning options.
  9. TeleForums provide world-wide reach. Participants can access TeleForums from anywhere, and no special technology is necessary beyond a telephone.
  10. TeleForums are content-rich. A wide variety of topics can be covered.
  11. A corporate report: A report done by IBM's San José Programming Center on: Telephone Meetings: A Tool for Inter-Center Communications by T. Capers Jones...."Telephone meetings are substantially less expensive than live meetings. The participants generally do not have to leave their offices, so there is no travel time or expense...even to walk to the conference room is not required! The average start-up time of only seven minutes is noticeably shorter than for most live meetings, and the average meeting length of between 30 and 45 minutes is also short when compared to live meetings....When the effectiveness of the telephone approach is added as a subjective factor, the meetings appear to be uniquely inexpensive--possibly the least expensive way of transmitting information to groups of individuals in a timely manner."

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