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Ernest F. Oriente and Judith F. Feld of Coaching Success TeleForums

Judith F. Feld
972-931-6366 voice
972-931-6616 fax
Dallas, TX
Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8486 voice
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

Great Coaching Results
All By Telephone

Welcome to Coaching Success TeleForums™ and greetings from Judy F. Feld and Ernest F. Oriente! As professional business coaches we work with you, your team and your company. In fact, we coach and work with clients around the world, all by telephone. Listed below is our company story including the services and products we provide:

  • In 1995 we each began our private coaching businesses and we are passionate about helping our clients realize their dreams.

  • In 1996 we joined together to create the concept called TeleForums and our company Coaching Success TeleForums™ to provide a rich and powerful vehicle for distance learning. TeleForums are perfect for training, learning about new technology, internal teleconference calls, focus groups and seminars/workshops.

  • We've shipped our book all over the world: SmartMatch Alliances™!

    By reading our book you can break through the clutter and connect directly with big-ticket buyers and high-potential prospects - a means of attracting more clients, customers, and prospects than you've ever imagined! When you enter the world of SmartMatch Alliances you will open the door to extraordinary business growth and success!

  • We provide a free Coaching Success Newsletter™ which is
    sent by E-mail.. Our newsletter includes announcements of new and ongoing Coaching Success TeleForums™ combined with important articles, case studies and news items of interest to a wide variety of businesses and professions.

  • We specialize in Train-The-Trainer programs and have 100+ topics that will help you and your company reach new levels of success.

  • We provide validated assessments for candidate selection, team building and promotion decisions. Our assessments measure a person's drive/ambition, people skills, attention to detail, economic and financial drive and sales skills.

  • We write several new articles each month and they have been featured over 3000 times in magazines/publications and websites. In addition, we have over 100 articles which can be placed for free at your website or in your newsletter or publication.

  • We give Media Interviews and for more information about our coaching services and products, please send an E-mail to
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